Tuesday 23 October 2018

fFS!!! reelEE!?

it has been a long time since last check in......things fall asleep
.....have fallen dormant,....am working it out......stay tuned
plz forgive me if you are out there. oh life, mind, health, happiness


Saturday 9 November 2013


I am an art-monk. . .quietly, silently, I make paintings for music, I make music for paintings, I make paintings from music, I make music from paintings, my paintings are music, my music is paintings, I write words for both, and I see through this thin veil in the most loving and painful way . . .

Monday 20 May 2013

something old/ demo resuscitation

Adding an old, slightly reworked demo version of an as-of-now instrumental called "Urth Wwobble" It was one of my first forays into multi-track recording. The initial groove was recorded summer 1995, and is still waiting for a good reworking, but not so much that it will lose its original demo 'charm'. ?

Tuesday 7 May 2013

And So

okay so a year nearly since last post . nothing new to report on the status of a civilization of love. Alot has happened in the whirld in the last year, but no movement here. until sooner than later.