CHANNELS FROM VOICE AND GUITAR This is my blues album. The bulk of these songs are about my then massive sense of hopelessness, despair, failure, the broken relationships, all weighing down on my will to carry on. There is a theme running through this work relating to the presence of manipulative and deceitful people who try to use others for their own benefit only, but who ultimately fail (at least in the world of these songs). This theme is very significant in that these kind of people can enter your life when you least expect, and least of all from those who initially appear genuine, helpful, and compassionate. Heavy themes based on hard lessons. On the whole this collection of songs is about being deceived and kicked when you're already down and about finding ways to make light inside of darkness. They were recorded between April and November of 1995 on a 4-track, thrift shop tape recorders, and/or two- tracked through a stereo and portable tape recorder. Before I pressed the record button, these songs did not exist. The music was not written, and was recorded quickly and directly, documenting the intimacy and immediacy of the moment(s). The words were written w/out thinking about them too much, or were collected from conversations. The object was to just get the songs out, and down, mistakes and all. They are improvisations; sonic paintings.

01. it seems this way
02. new sunshine tomorrow
03. somebody feels my silence
04. you're not the girl
05. i'll never be the same
06. my love and pain are both the same
07. unphysical
08. healing me
09. you
10. i'm yours

ALTERNATE REALITY LULLABY is a mixture of some music from a little earlier but mainly from the same time frame that the 'channels' songs were recorded. It introduces the instrumental pieces and the collaborative recordings that happened and is a bit of a laugh at times. Some of the instrumental pieces I am especially fond of because of their visual sensibility and portrayal of some shiny beauty. 32 minutes of music= two lullaby's with and alternate reality sandwiched in between. mixed in 2001, rearranged in 2004.

01. first light 2:59
02. dirty future 3:24
03. H. Flounder theme 1 [wobble edit] 1:32
*04. doin' 91 down highway 101 3:11
#05. I put the me in miso 2:22
06. four twenty 3:25
*07. 10 pm same day different typewriter 0:21
08. Lenny preamble 0:54
*09. small town re-amble 0:44
*10. Lenny 1:01
11. south of town blues 1:11
*12. the thought of my shoe 0:20
13. isms 5:01
14. penetrating 2:49
15. sun goes down 2:58

* extra vocals, harmonica: Aaron Vidaver
# main vocals: Dougal Graham

(A STORY OF LOVE, DECEPTION, AND OTHER BLUES.) This title is an anagram that I made from Pink Floyd's ' The Dark Side of the Moon'. The feel on this album is heavily influenced by Neil Young's "On the Beach" album vibe. It contains four re-worked songs from the 'channels sessions' combined with some new songs, and the three part instrumental 'womb'. This recording is a slightly more elaborate approach with the addition of guitar, drums, and bass, giving the songs a band feel.

01. it seems this way
02. womb (part I & II)
03. womb (part III)
04. unphysical
05. surrounded by stars
06. you
07. find a way
08. polyethylene relationship
09. unphysical (reprise)
10. waiting for nothing blues 
11. I can see
12. super humans

THE LEFT COAST With the exception of 1 song, 1 song with one line, and 1 song with lyric-less vocals, this is an instrumental album. This one is about the body/ technology interface, and the solar system....and features the 11min18sec feedback epic "thirteen variations for feedback". it was inspired by the sounds in a daydream that i had in late Summer of 1993, and hearing the sounds of outer space being broadcast live on tv while (name of spacecraft goes here) passed by the planet Jupiter in the early Fall of 1998. The sounds that I heard in my head, 5 years later turned out to be nearly the same ones that I heard during the transmissions from Jupiter. 13 Variations is my expression of the daydream and the space transmission... Fall of 1998 recording sessions, first mixed in the spring of 2000.

01. sun's up 1:04
02. starlight 2:28
03. starlight (reprise) 1:18
04. a home in the woods edit #1 0:07
05. a home in the woods edit #2 0:07
06. a home in the woods 2:29
07. SUPER BONUS 10X 2:47
08. funky lick 1:01
09. i can't smile 2:06
10. happy birthday 2:00
11. thirteen variations for feedback 11:18
12. I watched you change into a flower 3:42
13. sing song 1:19

the hopes and fears of all the years. This is a one session collection, a short story of solo piano improvisations, recorded in the summer of 2001. Influenced by Bach, ...Satie, Eno, Shipp, Duchamp.

01. Apocalypse Aria 9:16
02. Variatio 1a 1 Clav. 1:22
03. Variatio 2a 1 Clav. 1:58
04. Variatio 3a 1 Clav. 0:41
05. Variatio 4a 1 Clav. pillow of dust 5:23
06. Variatio 5a 1 Clav. 4:56
07. Variatio 6a 1 Clav. fallout 1:56
08. Variatio 7a 1 Clav. broken transmissions 1:18
09. Variatio 8a 1 Clav. ascension 1:51

originally recorded fall of 1990. w/ Aaron Vidaver (trumpet,feet,voices) during  a walk around his neighborhood at the time
somewhere near Frazer st. + 33rd-5th.
1. raga for chakras
2. A man of immense worry
3. raga for chakras part II
4. a little jazz moment
5. Aaron's march
6. Trumpet interlude
7. Tension
8. When I was
8a. Womb part I
9. Voices across the time-window
10 The macrocosm of advance

rsm - violin,feet,voices.
Aaron Vidaver - trumpet, feet, voices.

THE WINDING DOOR (part 1-7) Drums, and Bass, constructed around 2 tracks of 22 1/2 minute guitar/delay improvisation: prog- trance, shiny, spacey, spiralling.

Part 1. Premonition of Light 2:16
Part 2. Dance of Ashes 2:34
Part 3. The Ocean of Us All 3:19
Part 4. Winding Around The Light 6:24
Part 5. Inner Door Spirals 1:05
Part 6. Into Outer Space 2:01
Part 7. Trance Formations 8:33

AMBIENT ELECTRIC GUITAR Multi-track delay guitar instrumentals. My influences for this project were a few of Brian Eno's ambient albums, spec: "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks", "Thursday Afternoon", and "The Pearl".

01. untitled #1 4:15
02. untitled #2 4:07
03. untitled #3 5:25
04. untitled #4 4:32
05. untitled #5 9:22

This compilation represents my First Recordings made between the summer of 1990 and 1994. Additional instruments/effects by Dave George (where are you dave?)

1. starting to SURGE
2. Bottom
3. Porno Theme #1 (wobble mix)
4. You Think It's Weak (inst. ver.)
5. A dead whale (slight return)
6. A Golden Daze 2
7. A Golden Daze
8. Avocado Soup
9. Downstairs Lounge Fukt Song
10. I Don't Want
11. No Expectations
12. Riffage
13. Sheep In A Box
14. Whales on Film Cut

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