I am R.S "HoneyBuns" McMillan, and this is my band> a)Civilization of LOVE......My 'stage name' comes from my love of the Delta Blues. I have no intention in even mimicking the music as much a paying  homage to the spirit of the Delta Blues, Son House, Robert Johnson and their raw heart and guts, playing at their own time as they felt it, mistakes and all approach.  My other major influence is  David Gilmour for painterly reasons, how he can paint so much, with such immense beauty, with few notes. Theses guitarists affect my life in the way i paint,and play the guitar: with guts!. .......inspired by Guts and Beauty, i create my sound.

My music speaks in Lo-Fi tongues glued to Ambient, Delta Blues, Lullaby, Folk, Metal, Poetry+ Painting. In 1995, 2 summers after graduating from the then named Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver, B.C., I started writing music as an idea to write sounds for my paintings. It came to me as a process of channeling entire songs... from/This EQUATION:
>> > IN= a poem/a chord progression/riffage/>hit RECORD=OUT<< <.
          I recorded that way for about two weeks straight, and what came from that was work that I used for my first three albums:
and (three songs reworked into) THE BACK SIDE OF THE CURTAIN/1997.
         .....having that experience is what has inspired me to continue writing and recording.
I have recorded 8 solo projects, and collaborated in various forms, since  2005 writing roughly 30 songs online . My last solo project was AMBIENT ELECTRIC GUITAR/2003. since then i have been painting, living, and writing sketches.
After many years of recording/hoarding, I began playing live in march of 2010. Right now, I am writing somewhat darker, heavier minded,more metallic sounding music. The New Paintings, are. .more metallic.


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